“VANDENBULKE plays a crucial role in facilitating deals. Working with it has been a universally positive experience.”

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VANDENBULKE provides legal assistance at all stages of a corporation’s life cycle, from formation to liquidation. We primarily advise foreign groups seeking to establish in Luxembourg, whether to benefit locally from the array of tax advantages and financial facilities or to set up joint ventures with Luxembourg corporations. Our lawyers take care of structuring the legal and tax optimization, streamlining the financing, and negotiating all administrative arrangements with local authorities.

VANDENBULKE provides advice in the full spectrum of corporate transactional and other matters, including mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance, corporate governance, restructurings and private equity investments. We regularly act as counsel in M&A operations such as corporate mergers, spinoffs, takeovers, cross-border or domestic acquisitions, and divestitures. We also counsel clients regarding a variety of other matters such as securities law compliance, directorial duties, tax-favored investments and market listing advice.

Our lawyers have international cutting-edge experience in advising on structured finance transactions, both intra-group and for optimal external (re)financing, cash pooling instruments, securitization and asset-based finance schemes, LBOs and MBOs, and similar high-debt leveraged transactions.

VANDENBULKE is an active player in the field of securitization, which since 2004 has benefited from Luxembourg’s very favorable, secure legal and tax environment.



Neumes are the ancestors of our Western and Eastern systems of musical notation, prior to the invention of five-line staff notation. The earliest neumes (from the Greek pneuma, i.e., breath) were inflective marks, in the form of symbols pointing up and down. These indicated the general direction but not necessarily the exact notes or rhythms to be sung. In the Middle Ages, a learning period of up to 10 years was necessary for mastering the huge repertoire of songs covering one full liturgical year. The use of these shorthand mnemonics could be invaluable if the singer knew the tune but did not know how to fit in the words or if his memory slipped a little…