VANDENBULKE Launches Insolvency Task Force

We are pleased to inform you that VANDENBULKE has launched a specific task force fully dedicated to enforcement and restructuring proceedings in a Luxembourg context.
Loan facilities extended during the boom years are now reaching maturity and we have experienced a dramatic growth of pre-insolvency and insolvency cases in Luxembourg. We have noted that there is still a high level of ignorance about Luxembourg insolvency and how it works on a practical basis.
The task force will aim at assisting our clients in their preliminary investigation in pre-insolvency matters in Luxembourg.
The task force will offer specific advice by providing a diagnosis of the situation and a set of scenarios and possible actions protecting the clients’ interests, either in terms of enforcement of security packages or negotiations of arrangements with court appointed administrators.
The task force gathers together the most experienced lawyers of the firm in corporate, insolvency and tax regulations allowing an optimal advice of enforcement of the security packages.
We hope to enhance our clients’ awareness about Luxembourg enforcement options and enable them to address the issues raised in this respect in good time.
VANDENBULKE is one of the leading Luxembourg firms in alternative enforcement and creative insolvency solutions. We will be happy to put this dedicated task-force at our clients’ service.
For any enquiries, please contact our Task Force at