VANDENBULKE still thinking ahead

VANDENBULKE has hired Marc-Antoine Krencker, as the new Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) manager of the firm.  Marc-Antoine, who brings 5 years of experience spent at law firm Oostvogels ( Luxembourg), will play a key role in the further development of the IT and Knowledge management system of the firm.
Denis Van den Bulke, Manager of the firm, underlined that “technology is a top-list priority and the cutting edge of our corporate finance practice.  The firm is willing to raise the bar well above the standards of the Luxembourg market in terms of interface with clients but also information management and outside communication.
More than ever, technology is influencing the business model of law practices.  In this respect, VANDENBULKE is also willing to pioneer a new way of thinking law in Luxembourg and continues to give top priority to its investments in technology in order to offer a premium service to its worldwide clients.  The arrival of Marc-Antoine Krencker is an undoubted sign of the acceleration of the sophisticated strategy of this firm.